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Business intelligence is constantly evolving. While consumers are accessing more data than ever before, they’re also giving unprecedented insight into their lifestyle choices, purchasing behaviors, and online routines. It is imperative that businesses, and specifically health care providers, keep up in order to grow market share. There has been talk of which is more important for strategic growth engaging physicians or consumers? With the data available today, we know it’s really both. Whether the goal is to grow referrals, or drive in consumers, a two-pronged strategic approach will yield measurable results. Automation leads the synergies between the two approaches. It feeds the primary care network, while providing necessary integration between the two.
Through a three-year case study, this session will cover defining the strategies for the most important aspects of strategic growth on the physician side as well as the consumer side, and highlight the tangible ROI results that one system achieved. Most importantly, it covers “Where do we go from here.” Success doesn’t stop once goals have been met. Success evolves, as does the intelligence that fuels it. Attendees will walk away with best-in-class strategies and tactics to implement and streamline data integration, engage physicians and consumers, and view the future of business intelligence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve synergies between growing referrals and driving in consumers
  • Lessons learned from implementing PRM and CRM platforms
  • Identify areas of opportunities in the future of business intelligence


Darin Szilagyi, Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, Trinity Mother Frances, Hospitals & Clinics

Jim Schleck, Chief Innovation Officer, Tea Leaves Health

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