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As patients become more consumer minded, marketing leaders are embracing technological and data-driven solutions that prioritize patient experience. Embracing these digital tools means first considering their overall efficacy, return on investment (ROI) and questions around patient data ownership.

Traditionally, health care leaders have recognized patient engagement as inherently valuable, but have not gone to great lengths to quantify that value. However, post-COVID, there is a growing need to track the ROI in patient engagement initiatives — especially since satisfied patients often lead to repeat visits, positive referrals and a good reputation, all of which contribute to the financial health of a provider.

As the field increasingly recognizes patient engagement as a means for cost savings or revenue generation, leaders need sophisticated tools — beyond the traditional patient portal — to measure this impact.

In conjunction with the SHSMD Connections 2023 conference, marketing, consumer experience and communications executives gathered in Chicago to discuss the need for more customizable platforms that meet patient needs and expectations while supporting clinical outcomes. They also shared insights on some of the challenges around patient data and tracking ROI around patient engagement efforts.

This report discusses:

  • How and why leaders are leveling up their patient engagement platforms.
  • The growing need for care platforms to adapt and evolve.
  • The new standards for patient experience
  • Leveraging patient experience data to guide operational goals.
  • New tools that can help measure the ROI of patient experience.


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