Reigniting Your Organization’s Strategic Plan

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2023 Executive Dialogue Report

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Explore the urgent need for health care organizations to reassess and reignite their strategic plans in the face of post-COVID challenges, including slim margins, workforce shortages and increased competition. Get insights from senior leaders at the SHSMD Connections 2023 conference on how hospitals are navigating these complexities and reshaping their visions for the future.

When hospitals have struggled with financial downturns in decades past, they often could afford to ride out the immediate future with a “less than adequate” strategic plan. That’s not the case in a post-COVID environment, where some hospitals and health systems are finding their strategic plans no longer meet their needs in an environment of slim-to-negative operating margins, a shrinking workforce, increased competition from well-capitalized disruptors, and rising expenses, from labor to supply chain to operations.

To gain feedback from senior leaders in health care, SHSMD hosted the executive dialogue, “Reigniting Organizational Vision and Strategy,” at its SHSMD Connections 2023 Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

This report discusses:

  • Leveraging the strategic planning process to deepen connections.
  • Planning deliberate time to talk about the now and the near.
  • Balancing participation versus prioritization.
  • Explaining the why behind your strategies.
  • Dividing your core strategy between foundational and strategic.
  • Maximizing patient access.

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