Definition: Create and convey a clear vision, express ideas fluently and coherently

Relates to: Generate Data-Driven Insight


  1. Vary the modulation of your voice to keep listeners interested and to emphasis key points.
  2. Project your voice so that people 15 – 20 feet away can clearly understand you.
  3. Pause before and after words or phrases you want to emphasize.
  4. Vary the length of your sentences.
  5. Understand how your voice makes you feel by recording and listening to your voice.  Ask others for feedback and practice modulation and inflection.
  6. Portray confidence and self-assurance; believe in what you are saying.
  7. Use the vocabulary level as your audience.
  8. Have a natural flow to your speech by timing your high, low, long, and short pitches.
  9. If using slides, keep them simple - focus should be on you as the speaker. Make sure you can convey the key value to the listener in the first minute (why should they care).