Business as Unusual: Restoring Services Post-Crisis | Recording

Live Date: October 7, 2020

Webinar Recording

As the COVID-19 pandemic abates in some parts of the country, it’s clear that health systems must move to restore services to better serve their communities and improve financial performance. What’s less clear is how. Consumer and patient research offers guidance for health care organizations to win back the trust and support of their customers. Two tactics, both backed by self-reported patient feedback, will prove indispensable.


  • Dive into the consumer psyche and health care utilization behavior in times of crisis.
  • Discuss the impacts of consumer deferment financial health and enterprise performance.
  • Identify the two primary, scalable tactics for regaining patient volumes.
  • Understand how to emerge from the pandemic on a sustainable growth trajectory.


  1. Healthcare in Crisis
    1. Emergent consumer trends pre & during the COVID-19 pandemic 
    2. Impact on growth strategy and financial health
  2. Addressing & Allaying Consumer Fear
    1. Understand consumer sentiment and behavior related to health care deferment
    2. Impact of using consumer voice for messaging design
    3. Case study
  3. Creating a Digital Advantage
    1. Leveraging SEO to be found by consumers
    2. Case study
  4. Recap & Takeaway
    1. Recap key points
    2. Thriving post-pandemic

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