Renown Health's Approach to Keeping the Community Safe, Communicating on COVID-19

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the American Hospital Association and SHSMD are doing our best to respond to this challenge and to make sure hospitals and health systems have up-to-date information and resources available. SHSMD members play a key role in developing messaging and communication strategies for their organization and the communities they serve. We thank you all for your important work at this time!
We are pleased to share a new webinar resource with SHSMD members, "Renown Health's Approach to Keeping the Community Safe, Communicating on COVID-19." In this presentation, Renown shares their COVID-19 communications plan and key materials put in place by the Marketing & Communications team at Renown Health in Reno, Nevada. 
Learn how they:

  • Coordinated communications with national, state and local public health authorities.
  • Worked in consultation with the Infection Control Chairperson and Incident Commanders to notify of the outbreak.
  • Managed notifications (verbal, written).
  • Tracks the success of the implementation and the importance of coordinating all internal and external communication for key stakeholders.

Renown Health has kindly provided access to a variety of resources referred to on the recording, available here. If you have specific questions for Renown's team, you can email them directly at:

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