Target, Measure, and Prove Success: Using Analytics to Transform Your Marketing


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A challenge for every health care marketer is proving the ROI of marketing initiatives. Without that proof, it is difficult to make a case for the organization’s continued investment in marketing campaigns and difficult for marketers to determine which channels are the most effective. By using analytics, marketers can enhance campaign targeting, understand ROI fast enough to be able to make changes, and shift internal perceptions of the marketing department from a cost center to a revenue generator.

In this webcast, we will share a case study on how a large U.S. health care system has used analytics to determine which consumers to target in service-line specific marketing campaigns, measure results quickly enough to be able to modify tactics in the middle of a campaign, and determine best practices for moving the needle, faster.

The webcast will begin with a brief introduction from Bill Stinneford, a Buxton senior vice president who has advised organizations in the retail, restaurant, and health care fields on the effective use of consumer-level analytics. Bill will share background information on the ways that health care organizations can use analytics to develop predictive marketing models and measure the results of campaigns. The session will then transition to the case study, presented by Buxton Vice President of Account Management, Jeff Davis. Jeff will share details of the system’s goals and objectives, approach to developing targeted service line campaigns, and ultimate results.   

Learn how analytics can help you to make your marketing department more effective and shift internal perceptions.  

Following the presentation, participants will be able to…

  • Articulate the role that analytics can play in marketing campaign targeting, execution, and measurement
  • List practical applications of analytics in health care marketing, based on the case study
  • Understand how analytics can assist in marketing department budget discussions with organization leadership


Bill Stinneford, Senior Vice President, Buxton
Jeff Davis, Vice President of Account Management, Buxton

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