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Whether it be through the use of traditional media or emerging approaches, physician marketing is evolving—for the better. Social media and digital content are beginning to blur the lines of what is and is not advertising, and physicians are now actively interacting with consumers in more ways than ever.
Virtually every health system uses Facebook to promote its brand. But how many have gone live on the largest social media platform in the world? Cynthia Schmidt, marketing chief at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health in Richmond, and Keith Kaufelt, VCU social media specialist, say doing so can transform the conversation with your community.
More than ever before, health care communicators need to have a content strategy that directly contributes to bottom line business results. Orlando Health is doing just that and reaping the benefits of increased exposure by positioning itself as a trusted health care system with compassion.
This session will demonstrate the need for advocacy, professionalism, branding, and awareness on social media’s impact for brand success.
The VCU Health communications team pioneered utilizing Facebook Live, incorporating it into their strategy soon after it launched. From live streaming health seminars, to getting on-the-ground reactions of medical students on match day, to one-on-ones with doctors talking about unique medical issues, the possibilities for health care marketing are endless.
Take a dive inside the innovative content distribution techniques being used by top health care organizations such as Orlando Health. The organization will shares its secret for consistent success combining earned and viral campaigns.
Until recently many leaders refrained from taking aggressive public stands on controversial issues. There have always been high-profile leaders in certain industries who aren't afraid to speak up, but healthcare leaders in general tend to be more reserved. If you sensed a change recently, you're not mistaken. Read more about the role of healthcare leaders on social media in this article.
The marketing team at Henry Ford Health System is using digital content — from social media messaging to blog posts — to engage with consumers and drive online traffic. When consumers visit your Facebook page or website, is what they see and read representative of the experience they have in your hospital or clinic?
SHSMD members work diligently to ensure their media policies are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rules. Although HHS has not altered their rules, there has been attention by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to address HIPAA compliance issues. Now is the time to revisit how the HIPAA rules may apply to media interactions.
Kathy Wilets and Libby Mitchell from University of Utah Health Care will discuss how Twitter and Facebook can be your best friends in times of crisis, even when the trolls come calling.
In this session, you will hear how a football rivalry and a compassionate athlete helped take on the fight against childhood cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital.
A Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital & Social Media Engagement will help you and your organization navigate through the healthcare social media world.