SHSMD ADVANCE™ The Learning Edge for Health Care Strategists

SHSMD ADVANCE is being transitioned into a self-assessment tool. More info coming later this year.

In the meantime, SHSMD is sharing an in-person team training opportunity - TeamSTEPPS - an evidence-based set of teamwork tools designed to optimize team performance and ultimately improve patient outcomes, increase staff and patient satisfaction, foster resilience and support change management efforts. Training courses will be taking place in a number of cities across the U.S.


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Lead Health Care’s Transformation with SHSMD ADVANCE™

SHSMD ADVANCE™ is a comprehensive learning framework that includes a series of skill building tools that will help you and your health care strategy team assess, build, and promote your strategic abilities.


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Read this report to understand the evolving health care landscape, its key implications, and the top skills needed for strategists to thrive.   

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SHSMD ADVANCE Assess is being re-designed into a self-assessment tool. More info coming later this year.

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After your self-assessment, you’ll gain access to more than 500 peer-selected books, online courses, and tools, all custom-tailored to help you improve upon your skill gaps.

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Equip yourself with the skills and attributes of a future-focused strategist by completing designated SHSMD ADVANCE™ programs in person and online. Display your achievements online using the official SHSMD digital credential.

Apply the knowledge you have gained to your role as a health care strategist and integrate skill-building throughout your organization. Read this case example!

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