Retail Strategies

Feb 7, 2020
Keeping you at the forefront today for the best patient-friendly solution building tomorrow, SHSMD has developed a resource digest on the hot trend of retail health.
Mar 29, 2019
This profile from American Hospital Association’s Value Initiative describes how Northern Maine Medical Center (NMMC), a small rural hospital, purchased a local retail pharmacy.
Feb 28, 2017
Imagine a world where your smart phone — and a nurse connected to it — can determine the level of care you need for a health concern before ever leaving the house. Or envision an urgent care visit where, upon your arrival, you are registered in the time it takes to walk to the exam room and are out…
Jul 30, 2016
A retail health initiative calls for careful planning. Here are five keys to a successful retail strategy.
Oct 11, 2015
This session will discuss how FastCare partners with health systems and retailers to create affordable and convenient patient access to healthcare.