Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Jun 15, 2020
SHSMD Education 2020 Sponsored WebinarWednesday, July 15, 2020 12-1pm CT / 1-2pm ET
Jun 4, 2020
Learn about how strategic planners at Jefferson health played a key role during the initial crisis phase of the pandemic and are now providing critical insights using analytics, scenarios, forecasting tools to develop a roadmap for recovery and change. 
Jun 2, 2020
UW Medicine is making its policies and protocols available on its website. These include screening and testing algorithms and policy statements, including minimizing aerosolizing procedures and room cleaning protocols. Peace Health in Vancouver, Washington has an extensive collection of…
Jun 2, 2020
Resource Crisis Communications for Hospitals and Health Systems: A SHSMD Resource Digest Stream SHSMD Annual Conference Sessions | Crisis Communications
May 26, 2020
This discussion with Justin Bhandari, VP Operations at post-acute care partner organization MPAC Healthcare, will cover the ways the MPAC leadership team has adjusted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
May 21, 2020
Hear what consumers in a recent national survey had to say about their concerns of returning to health care providers for care and what their expectations are of us to ease those concerns. Learning Objectives
May 21, 2020
Join this session to learn how COVID-19 has shaped consumer expectations, how providers and payers can use segmentation and mindsets to redesign activation, engagement and retention, and examples of using mindsets and segmentation to adjust engagement and design.
May 19, 2020
A collection of resources for emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the new issues for health care strategists.
May 15, 2020
Panelists from Michigan Medicine discussed what they've learned the past couple months, how they're thinking differently & what the new "normal" might look like. Supporting documents/resources:
May 11, 2020
Strategic Planning 5 Strategies to Manage Surge of Coronavirus Patients How Coronavirus Sparked Industry Collaboration, Team-Based Care