By the Numbers: Benchmarking Report on Health Care Marketing/Communications, 6th Edition

By the Numbers: Benchmarking Report on Health Care Marketing/Communications, 6th Edition

With SHSMD’s By the Numbers, get the data you need to inform your decision making and validate and strengthen your efforts. The all-new sixth edition of SHSMD’s essential benchmarking report answers the most frequently asked questions about budgets and structure, responsibilities, and staffing levels of health care marketing and communications departments, including:

  • How are marketing and communications departments structured in hospitals and health systems?
  • For which functions do marketing departments hold primary responsibility?
  • How many full-time equivalents (FTEs) typically staff each department?
  • How are marketing and communications budgets allocated?
  • How do health care organizations measure the return on investment (ROI) for their marketing and communications initiatives? 
  • How do marketing and communications departments use various technology and social media?

By the Numbers provides a snapshot of today’s health care marketing communications environment, which you can use to assess your organization’s operations, understand how peer departments function, and identify opportunities to enhance your marketing and communications functions. New this edition: Gain helpful insights into merger and acquisition activity, outsourcing, branding, and languages and translation services.

Count on SHSMD for the data and insights you need today for the success you desire tomorrow.

Table of Contents

  • Marketing and communications staffing
    • Staffing by bed size
    • Median FTEs by function
    • Reporting structure
  • Operating environment
    • Competition
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Impact of mergers
  • Branding and public perception
    • Branding projects
    • Public perception measurement
  • Responsibilities
    • Functions
    • Functions by bed size
    • Publications
    • Languages
    • Physician marketing
    • Outsourcing
    • Function outsourcing
    • Centralized marketing functions   
  • Budgets
    • Budgets by operating areas
    • Budget areas by bed size
    • Marketing/communications budget size by beds
    • Marketing/communications budget by specialty area
    • Advertising budget
  • Technology
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Social media tools
    • Calculating ROI

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