Price Transparency

Oct 23, 2020
SHSMD Education 2020 Sponsored WebinarThursday, November 12, 2020 12-1pm CT / 1-2pm ET
Sep 24, 2017
Thanks to a growing number of Americans with consumer-directed health plans, such as high deductible policies and health savings accounts, patients today bear greater financial responsibility for their care. Given this reality, hospitals and health systems must recognize the growing importance…
Sep 24, 2017
Facing increasing high-deductible health plan enrollment and a consolidating market, Emory Healthcare's leadership team needed to understand how their patients make healthcare decisions and the role that price played in where they went for care. To do this, Emory carried out in-depth customer…
Sep 24, 2017
Brookwood Baptist Health’s patients bear the burden of rising out-of-pocket costs like never before. They expect to pay more upfront, and they demand better cost estimates for procedures and more flexible payment options.
Oct 11, 2015
Price and quality transparency put more data in the public domain, making the importance of early identification of issues and verification of accurate data even more important to hospitals and health systems.
Apr 8, 2015
The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) has developed a guide to help consumers understand where to get answers to their questions about healthcare prices, compare prices among providers, and manage their out-of-pocket costs.