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Fierce competition within the Los Angeles market is driving a need to grow outpatient volume, including volume of mammography screenings. It is critical to get women in for screenings, to capture both downstream patient volume and revenue for oncology services.
Drawing on the work of "Managing Transitions" by author William Bridges, this workshop will explain the process, provide practical tools, and give real-world examples of successful implementation.
Hear how Aurora Healthcare and insurance company Horizon Healthcare Services turned to their secure, online communities of thousands of members to gain feedback and insight that has helped drive successful organizational decisions. You will also learn how leading organizations survive and thrive in today's consumer-led world of healthcare.
In this presentation, you'll hear Avera Health and its digital agency, Click Rain, talk about the recent restructure to fit the new digital marketing world, including the development of a dedicated digital team.
In this session, MetroHealth System in Cleveland will share how to transform your image through solid research, and how to establish a strong brand platform that will set the stage to change perceptions.
Learn how your hospital can use the power of digital media to build relationships that are defined less by the transaction of care and more by the connection you forge by doing important work.
In this session, two key players in the redesign and re-platforming of the Penn Cancer website will talk about what made their project successful, what the challenges were, and the undeniable necessity for cultural change to ensure a successful responsive CMS website project.
Learn how CHRISTUS Health is evolving its program to the next level through driving action, producing results, and being nimble, as well as how CHRISTUS is involving senior leaders and executives in order to progress the program and create better alignment, engagement, and activation.
Once upon a time, hospital marketing didn't exist. Public relations functions were focused almost exclusively around media relations and what we called community relations. Then came marketing (with the glamour of advertising), the Internet, Facebook, Tweet, and pins. Community relations (CR) faded, got pushed to secondary priority status and then to the bottom of that "nice to do if we had time" list.
This webinar will explore the basics of predictive modeling, two types of models, steps to take after models, and campaign strategies and testing.