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As patients become more consumer minded, marketing leaders are embracing technological and data-driven solutions that prioritize patient experience. Health care executives who have led successful transformation.
This summary report discusses the need for continual change in health care advertising, how to consistently capture useful data, and how to commit to patient-centric approaches.
The most timely and reliable health care strategy and market development programming happens at SHSMD's Connections Conference. The field comes together to share their findings, challenges and best practices with the shared goal of advancing health care.Strategists from every stage of their careers can benefit from sessions and networking at the SHSMD Connections 2024 in Denver, Colorado.Attendees can expect:
  Check out this SHSMD Connections 2022 session presentation covering a successful campaign from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that addressed: Health disparities, Inequities and Social determinants of health. 
  Learn from this SHSMD Connections 2022 Conference presentation about how Kettering Health reimagined their crisis communications plan and how your organization can too. Session Topics Why Do Hospitals Have a Crisis Communication Plan? Incident Command System Media Center Tips  
  Learn how to leverage data and statistics in creating impactful campaigns that move people to action in this SHSMD Connections 2022 session presentation. Learning Objectives
This calendar is designed to help you plan your 2024 community health events, internal and external communications, social media campaigns and more.
Drive meaningful decisions about MarCom spending by benchmarking against similar health care organizations. Subscribers can use interactive analytic dashboards to uncover actionable insights and improve their understanding of industry best practices.
This credential series is divided into 4 parts, which together, cover the essentials of health care marketing.
This presentation demonstrates how Piedmont’s outstanding digital front door platform creates a patient-centric, hassle-free experience that will guide the system’s recovery to the new normal of health care. 
Hear what consumers in a recent national survey had to say about their concerns of returning to health care providers for care and what their expectations are of us to ease those concerns.
This series features SHSMD member stories and resources in an effort to provide insight into how strategists are helping their organizations manage this unprecedented crisis.
Renown Health shares their COVID-19 communications plan and key materials put in place by the Marketing & Communications team.
As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, hospitals and health systems know our patients and communities are increasingly concerned whether and how the virus is spreading in communities.
Pre-order on-demand access for SHSMD series on health care communications trends, strategies, and case studies. Develop strategic communication skills and tackle real-world challenges with expert faculty guidance.
In an era when "content is king," storytelling has never been more crucial for setting a health care organization apart from the competition. Here are five tips for finding compelling health care stories in your organization.
Several years ago, Saint Francis Healthcare system launched its first "Pink Up" campaign, which was designed to increase breast cancer awareness, promote early detection, and offer free mammograms to those in need. In 2016 the health system ramped up its fundraising and outreach efforts to turn the population health cancer awareness program into a cancer movement. Read more about their keys to success in this article.