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SHSMD online course on Marketing & Digital Engagement with 15 sessions from SHSMD Connections 2023.
This credential series is divided into 4 parts, which together, cover the essentials of health care marketing.
Strategic Planning in Health Care Credential Series
This online SHSMD course will present a staged process that will help participants learn how to: Determine your organization’s needs and how various agency models can answer them; Identify and source potential partners; Develop, field and assess RFI's and RFP's, and position your search team for success; Evaluate RFP submissions, manage the finalist evaluation process; and Onboard your new partner and ground your new relationship to foster and promote a successful partnership
The course will cover the following four topic modules, which include webinars, case examples, discussion board assignments, and access to a library of additional resources (conference session recordings, templates, white papers, articles, etc.). Complete all course requirements and earn a SHSMD Credential in Health Care Digital Marketing Strategy, which can be shared as a digital badge on social media.
Pre-order on-demand access for SHSMD series on health care communications trends, strategies, and case studies. Develop strategic communication skills and tackle real-world challenges with expert faculty guidance.