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Community Hospital Corporation identified best practice tips to help organizations prepare CHNAs and implementation plans that align with strategic planning priorities and Internal Revenue Service requirements. Here's the strategic roadmap they developed.
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2017, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan, one of the industry's most respected healthcare trends forecasts.
Is your planning process nimble enough? Are you receiving valuable input? Are you monitoring progress well and frequently enough? Is the plan yielding the outcomes you seek? This survey report includes key survey findings and key thoughts from leading health care planners.
Developing ambulatory care services that adapt to the changing healthcare industry and demand for health services is vital to realizing more efficient resource allocation and decreased costs compared to care received in a traditional hospital setting. However, the current healthcare model is still focused strongly around the hospital.
This highly respected annual guide to healthcare trends will help organizations plan for the future. In Futurescan 2017–2022, a panel of industry thought leaders addresses eight key issues regarding healthcare change and transformation. The expert insight in these pages is supported by data from a survey of 651 healthcare leaders across the country.
Rapidly evolving dynamics have made the process of planning the distribution of services, both physically and virtually, across your care networks more challenging than ever before. A senior healthcare advisor will facilitate a broad panel of industry experts to explore the concept of planning for the "Enterprise-Wide Access Strategy."
The final result of Southcoast Health System's service line planning was a plan with a vision that supported the system's overall primary care strategy and articulated specific initiatives supportable by physicians. This lookback will be relayed by the chair of this effort, who himself is a practicing primary care physician.
As healthcare strategists, we may also long for a similar scorecard to help us turn potential opportunities into real winners. The hospital leadership at AAMC teamed up to pinpoint gaps in services as well as the missing pros—the physician specialists and other clinicians—that might help grow patient volume and meet the healthcare needs of the community they serve.
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2016-2021, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan — one of the industry's most respected healthcare trends forecasts.
Armed with technologies that allow for authentic acumens, marketing decision makers can now create more individualized and personalized healthcare experiences by converting “big” data into more practical data.
From concept to completed submission, this session will walk you through all of the major components of writing an effective business plan. We will also provide tools and templates to guide you and help you focus on the important elements of business planning.
Participants will gain an appreciation for bringing focus on a specific problem or question amidst complexity, setting priorities, channeling data collection and analysis to the specific question, and developing clear answers or recommendations.
Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) developed a methodology to prioritize a list of identified gaps in order to allocate resources for the coming and subsequent years.
See how one health system used the results of the value-based readiness assessment to prioritize the implementation of its strategic plan.
This session will present and discuss Ascension's evolving approach to scanning, incubating, and diffusing innovations across the organization and share lessons learned over the past 16 years from participation in health-related accelerators.
This presentation will provide an overview of the challenges the current healthcare environment places on traditional planning processes, the imperative for change, a new approach to planning based on best practices from across the country, and a guide to applying this new approach to planning in your organization.
Kaiser Permanente's Southern California region views the rapidly changing healthcare environment as an opportunity to rethink how it delivers care.
In this session, business development leaders from San Diego Health System and Temecula Valley Hospital will share their experience in establishing a partnership.
Organizing healthcare around programs that are focused on patient needs or disease groups will become increasingly important as the regulations passed in the Affordable Care Act continue to be implemented.
Using the Bridging Worlds report, we will examine how New York Univeristy Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) implemented mind map themes.