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Learn how MercyOne applied ‘radical convenience’ across its connected system of health care facilities with an end-to-end digital front door strategy.
View the SHSMD webinar recording Live Webinar: August 26, 2021 A New Imperative: Consumer Expectations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Health Care
Join fellow SHSMD members for a fun exploration of how to continue transforming your organization towards a better future. You will have the opportunity to break into small groups to meet other strategists in health care marketing, communications, planning and business development to help collectively identify the most pressing issues you are facing, and the most exciting projects you’re involved in.
Insight and guidance on how to achieve measurable SEO results. With Google’s most recent algorithm update already underway, User Experience (UX) is more important than ever.
Held Live: Monday, May 24, 2021 | 12:00-1:00pm CT Earlier this year, SHSMD members talked about what kept them up at night. Now let’s take some time to consider what gets you most excited about the future? So much innovation happened during COVID, what impressed you and what do you hope will stick going forward? What might another 5 or 10 years mean for health care?
Hospital-at-home enable some patients who need acute-level care to receive care in their homes, rather than in a hospital. This care delivery model has been shown to reduce costs, improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience.
American Hospital Association resources can provide SHSMD members with additional inspiration and ideas for expanding community outreach, education and vaccination efforts
The fundamentals of health care haven’t changed but health care leaders will need to double down on their commitments to brand and experience to be successful. Learn what’s inside the minds of consumers and communities and how some of your peers have leveraged Humanizing Brand Experience insights across their organizations. 
Futurescan 2021–2026 explores key forces that are transforming the future of health care. The annual publication features the expertise and perspectives of thought leaders in the field on important topics.
The AHA Digital Pulse is a free tool for SHSMD members that also belong to the AHA to learn where existing capabilities can support scaling digital transformation.
This presentation will provide an overview of Patient Share of Care and how to leverage it within a health system.
Medical Staff Development Planning in 2021 will provide perspective on how health systems are approaching medical staff development planning as well as best practices for medical staff development for health systems in the current healthcare environment. 
This resource is a guide to using impact analysis tools. It is designed to help planners and strategists at all levels understand how different drivers of change, such as COVID-19, social determinants of health and economic changes interact. Users will learn how to use different tools to quickly and systematically assess how different factors could shape outcomes and adjust their planning accordingly.
This SHSMD Education Sponsored Webinar will cover how to successfully engage internal audiences, gain buy-in from leadership, collaboratively launch a wayfinding application covering two-million square feet and provide a road map for how to retain subscribers.
The PowerPoint presentation, Futurescan 2021, features highlights from the latest edition of Futurescan, one of the industry's most respected health care trends forecasts. Ready for immediate use at your organization, you can employ this presentation tool for staff, leadership or boards.
In this three-part workshop series led by a former health system CEO and authority on staff engagement, we’ll explore recent research around the changing workplace climate and specific leadership practices that can combat disengagement and burnout at all levels of the organization.
In this session from SHSMD Connections Bytes, join members of Emory Healthcare’s Strategic Planning Office as they walk through how the annual planning process was adapted, challenges they faced, and lessons learned while quickly scaling existing resources and processes to match the growth of the system.
In this session from SHSMD Connections Bytes, hear how a panel of marketing and communications leaders pivoted financially during the COVID-19 crisis, how they are reshaping (and justifying) their budgets, and how data has been used to help in budget planning.
In this session from SHSMD Connections Bytes, learn how a hospital’s strategic communications staff used a crisis communications plan to team with marketing, university athletics, and the university’s philanthropic office to manage social and traditional media.
This presentation from SHSMD Connections Bytes shares the why, what, and how of market segmentation based on an attitudinal-behavioral segmentation strategy for UNC Health.