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Sponsored by ReachLocal: ReachLocal and Survata partnered on a survey tapping into patient preferences and behaviors. This eBook dives into factors influencing how patients choose a healthcare provider.
This guide to successful employer partnerships describes several case studies and lessons learned. Examples include on-site clinics, an accountable care organization and virtual health care. 
SHSMD is pleased to bring you the 2020 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days. Yet another example of SHSMD's commitment to providing health care strategists with practical, timely resources, this calendar is designed to help you plan your 2020 community health events, internal and external communications, social media campaigns and more.
While many care coordination strategies focus on the elderly, who have a higher rate of comorbidities, one of the most important benchmarks of health status is infant mortality. In Indiana, the infant mortality rate is the seventh highest in the country, with 7.6 deaths per thousand births versus a nationwide rate of 5.9.
Virtually every health system uses Facebook to promote its brand. But how many have gone live on the largest social media platform in the world? Cynthia Schmidt, marketing chief at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health in Richmond, and Keith Kaufelt, VCU social media specialist, say doing so can transform the conversation with your community.
If you're like millions of Americans, you've seen the award-winning television show "Shark Tank," in which entrepreneurs have 10 minutes to sell investors on their business idea. Now transfer that image to the last time you walked into the C-suite to sell your annual strategic marketing plan and budget.
When Ascension's leadership began implementing a major strategic shift away from its distributive leadership model to form a cohesive health system operating hospitals, medical groups and clinics across the country, that had to change.
In today's competitive health care environment, physician engagement is a top strategy for increasing referrals and market share. As a relatively new regional health system, Trinity Health of New England needed to go beyond mere engagement to align employed and community-based physicians with organizational priorities for a shared mission, clinical integration and revenue growth.
The meteoric rise of consumerism is one of the most the most significant challenges facing the health care field. Today's consumers expect the same transparency, convenience and personalization from their health care providers that they receive from Netflix, Amazon and even their bank.
Learn how you can better combine and leverage health care and non-health care data to better understand and target new prospects, retain new and existing patients and activate them in their health outside of the clinical setting, building long term relationships and loyalty.
We have identified three forces as primary disruptors of traditional hospital and health system business models: technology based innovation, market structure transformation and new model organizations.
Learn how hospitals and health systems are partnering with other organizations to advance population health in their communities, to validate your thoughts and approaches and get new ideas from peers.
his members-only benchmarking report gives you the insights you need to make compensation and other career decisions with certainty, whether you are hiring, planning department expansion or looking to make your next career move.
Scenarios enable planners to harness the power of story-telling to create the big picture view of possible futures. This way, planners can craft a vision for a future organization and unify their entire organization in building the future they want and avoid the outcomes they don’t want to see happen. Connect today’s discoveries to tomorrow’s decisions with this guide to understanding the trends that are shaping tomorrow and turning trends into stories. 
This Issue Brief from The Value Initiative outlines the many challenges facing hospitals in rural communities and highlights four strategies that rural hospitals are using to address these challenges.
In this webinar, we’ll look at how OSF Health Care partnered with Binary Fountain to unify their patient feedback and response process by responding to feedback publicly and providing patients with a superior health care experience through open access to data and community reviews.
Panelists discussed the potential for better primary care models to bend the cost curve, the interplay between digital and in-person primary care, partnerships with hospitals and health systems, and the shortage of primary care providers. This report provides an overview of the key insights and takeaways from the forum.
A marketing plan serves as the blueprint for all marketing efforts. This publication provides marketers from hospitals, health systems, medical practices and other health care organizations with a comprehensive overview of the major elements of a marketing plan.
Futurescan 2019–2024 explores key forces that are transforming the future of health care. The annual publication features articles by a panel of thought and opinion leaders on the following important issues:
This profile from American Hospital Association’s Value Initiative describes how Northern Maine Medical Center (NMMC), a small rural hospital, purchased a local retail pharmacy.